The Conchologist of Conchomanteia – Bill Montana (Book)


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Thanks to Bill Montana for giving Stevens Magic Emporium the Exlusive on this and other items from his line.

Warning: This book is slated strategically for the bizzarist or psychic, it is “not” for people looking for self-working “magic” effects (with no disrespect to them of course). The purpose of the distinguishing is to target exactly who this book is targeted to in an effort to continue to inform our customers.

The Conchologist of Conchomanteia is a soft-back book limited to 150 numbered and signed copies. It delves into performing intimate miracles with ungimmicked apparatus. That’s all I’m allowed to tip.

If you fall into the above target category this is something you should think of seriously. Bill’s other Book – The Bridge – was an interesting find for me personally. It took a little work and practice but I became a believer when I tried it on our mail man Jace Bowles! Granted it was my second attempt at performing this and when Jace bolted in the door the next day he shot straight to me to vividly retail not only the dream I told him he would have – but also his wife experienced – with subtle differences.

The content of these books like The Conchologist of Conchomanteia and The Bridge contains some of the most powerful material I have ever seen in my life. Will it work for everyone, I won’t say that – but the only way to find out is to try…. Regardless it will open up doors for some of you regards to what Borodin knew many years ago. It’s not always what you do – but how you do it….


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