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INGENUITY – in-ge-nu-i-ty – The quality of being clever, original and inventive.   One thing grifters, cross-roaders and hustlers have…

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How does Bill Find These Treasures? I love this!  I’ve had more fun with this than doing mentalismNeal Scryer There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile, because he was a crooked hustler, who owned a lot of these crooked wheels.   Okay, it’s not Bill Montana who was the crooked man who walked the crooked mile, but thanks to him and Paulo – he produced something that is just as good as our Dr. X Lucky Dog Log (see bottom of page), and in the family of Razzle Dazzle (see bottom of page) and other gambling or carnival games that give YOU the BIG Advantage.   All I can say is it is so good to see my man Bill Montana back with another WINNER!   The Crooked Wheel is perhaps the MOST crooked of ALL crooked gambling and gaming because –  it allows you to win 15 times out of 16 spins!  HELLO – did you catch that – 15 TIMES out of 16 – you can win.  Of course, anyone worth their salt would NEVER utilize that much of an advantage but the fact is – it is THERE for the taking.  What I really like about this is if you follow the easy first technique you will win but just by a few points.  It’s BRILLIANT.   But let’s say you wanted to increase your number by MORE than just a few – well – there is an easy to do just that.   That stated, there are times when it will not work, but the percentages are substantially in YOUR favor whether you want to WIN or LOOSE, and by HOW MUCH!    I love this product!

  • No Complex Formulas To Remember
  • No Math Required
  • You Alone Control the Board – to WIN or LOSE
  • Dims: 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ square.
  • Note: There are variations regards to printing on these items.

Simply put, if you are like me and love crooked gambling games and apparatus – for the sake of recreational and educational purposes ONLY!  Okay, maybe a few free drinks at the bar – you MUST ad this to your collection.   No need to read anymore – Get it NOW!

Each unit comes as a boxed set.  When you open the box you will find summarized instructions a circular wheel which contains 16 different shapes along the outer perimeter. Also there is a square board with various two digit random numbers which also features a spindle in the middle.  The circular wheel in then placed on top of the spindle and on top of face up so the symbols and numbers can now be visually seen.   At this point the bottom of the unit is turned over and it displays the same symbols that are also on the circular wheel, only in larger size which are easier to view.   One person has a penny and the other a dime (or other different markers to keep track of who chooses what) are placed on the symbol of choice.

First player to reach 100 points – wins the first round!  All you need is a pen and piece of paper to keep track as each spin is executed. Once the spinning stops you look to find the choose symbol for each person and write down the corresponding number for that spin.    Then repeat choosing a different symbol.  If you don’t like the way the wheel spins, you can spin it again – or if you want make it so that each spin must have 3 consecutive spins before the score are recorded.   How Much Fairer Can It Be?  The answer is NOT AT ALL – if you know how to use it.

Note: From run to run there are minor changes in the style and wording that is etched into the wood.  This is a variance that happens and as such the image of the product you see it may not be exactly the same with respect to such details.

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