The Death Camp Magicians
The Death Camp Magicians Book

The Death Camp Magicians – Rauscher (Book)


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My father Joe is an always will be a history buff when it comes to WWII.  When this book came out, I knew immediately it would be one we would be offering to our customers.  What I didn’t know, but didn’t surprise me was Joe has issued a “command” that all Stevens Magic Personnel must read this book!  Joe is now working to extend this “assignment” to all of you too. As there are only a few books that encompass both the history (as horrific as it was) and the art we all love from this time period. This book highlights many magicians, including The Great Nivelli, featuring some great photos from his performances and some of his props, as well as a detailed listing of many other Jewish magicians from this period.

Death Camp Magicians Book

We all enjoy magic books that teach us the latest card slight or effect, but the true magician should be well educated about the history of his art, not just in regards to great magicians that preceded us, but also how the art of magic has been used to inspire mankind under shocking in-human conditions. This is not just  book about history, it is a book about the human soul.

It is a shocking tale of surviving the notorious Nazi Regime and how magic made a difference in two lives as they journeyed from darkness into light. Readers of this book must prepare themselves for a journey to the dark side of human behavior. Through these pages, the reader will be transported back to the Nazi world during the years when the Third Reich truly believed their leaders would rule the world. They even choose a new name for this “new world.” They called it Germania.

Central to this inside world of unspeakable atrocities are two men who experience the hell of Concentration camps, and survived to tell others what it was like to be under the evil control of Adolf Hitler and the S.S. Along with millions of others, these two men lived through utter despair of years in the death camps of Europe under Nazi control.

This book is an appeal to the readers best instincts by showing humanities most base instincts. It portrays the strength of the will to survive in the midst of cruelty that passes all understanding. As a final warning – this book echoes the words of the philosopher George Santayana, who said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

By William V. Rauscher in collaboration with Werner Reich. Hardcover, 215 + Pages, Numerous photos and illustrations. The book is beautifully produced with a powerful dust jacket and embossed cover with red letters.  It is smyth sewn and of the highest quality as it should be for such a emotionally difficult topic as well as paying respects to this time we would rather forget – but most “not” do so.

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