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Perform Mind-Blowing Effects! BONUS Routines From Stevens Magic!

It’s a Doozie! Not only is it a Doozie of a card trick -the deck ITSELF is a DOOZIE of a deck. Stevens Magic Emporium’s resident card magician JIRO, took to it right away… Within minutes he realized how powerful the DOOZIE Deck was with respect to being able to perform a litany of different yet equally impressive card effects.   Just a few effects such as a “Finding The Aces” and others. In fact – when you purchase this deck from Stevens Magic – you will get those value added additional routines!  That’s TWO Value Added routines, one bonus for the advanced card magician and one bonus extra effect for beginners.

Of course, you can come up with own spins and unique twists using this deck – and you should.  This product is NOT just a one trick pony – its a DOOZIE that allows you to create MORE than just the effect featured in the promotional video. The deck also comes with 0ne Double-Back bonus card and one Double-Blank bonus card which aides further in your creative quest to create new jaw-dropping feats of wonder with The Doozie Deck – limited only by your imagination!

Custom printed by USPC with Bicycle classic Blue Rider Back Design

  • No Reset
  • No Rough and Smooth
  • Tutorial Video link for LEFT and RIGHT handed performers
  • All basic sleights and performance tips
  • For Walk-A-Round and Virtual
  • Utility deck for many routines with extra gimmicks included
  • A different card can be selected
  • Comes with a 32 minute video tutorial accessible via vimeo.

A classic for everyone… Steve and Clint really put together a winner here.  We at Stevens Magic feel this is great value in terms of quality, impact, versatility!  Don’t wait – get your DOOZIE deck NOW!  IMPORTANT: The two BONUS effects from Stevens Magic’s JIRO, come with the product BUT can also be downloaded post-purchase.  Look for your e-mail receipt from Stevens Magic and there you will see them!  

“When Jiro showed me this effect, I said beautiful – who’s putting this out? Jiro replied Steve Lancaster and I wasn’t surprised.  Steve knows good magic – he should open up a magic store someday.” Joe Stevens

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