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John Novak probably someone you never heard about but make no mistake he devoted his life to the art of magic.  He was akin the Tall Grass Showman and traveled extensively from state to stage performing.  John was possibly mote famous for being an escape artist but he honed his skills which he continued to use in traditional magic.   This really is considered one of the best values in terms of information available on Egg Bags.

There is 104 pages, illustrated with 15 pages of line drawings. Explains many different types of bags from the production bag of Isaac Fawkes to the Malini Egg Bag and other recent ones! Also a large section on the many egg bags themselves and complete moves and routines! There has NEVER been such a detailed book on the history of the Egg Bag!

Included is a long list of notable performers that have used the egg bag to propel their careers. There is even a section on making a bag form scratch own bag to meet your own specifications! Included are some possible accessories to add to your routine.

If you want to add the Egg Bag to your act, study this book for important information. And if you have purchased an Egg Bag in the past, get it out and add this miracle to your act! Just found! NEW OLD STOCK Pristine condition! Hidden in our back room at the warehouse.

Grab this one while its still available!

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