The Enchanted Teapot by Petrie-Lewis


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This is the classic effect in which four different colors of liquid are poured from a small teapot into four separate glasses. When the cover of the pot is lifted, four completely dry silks leap out and correspond with the colors that have been poured. The liquid in the glasses may be poured back into the pot, a magic word is said and now clear liquid is poured from the pot!

Complete Package ready to perform, just need water and some patter and presentation. Includes special teapot, SKS Silks, coloring, written instructions and goblets.

Many of you remember: P&L
Petrie-Lewis Manufacturing Company (P&L) was located in New Haven, Connecticut from 1919 to 1968. Named after the partners, John Petrie (1870-1954) and Thomas C. Lewis, it was founded when Petrie left the Mysto Magic Company to go into a partnership with Lewis in 1917. The company was later incorporated in 1923.

Lewis, a non-magician, left in the 1920s and was replaced by Petrie’s son, J. Walter Petrie. On John A. Petrie’s death in 1954, proprietorship passed to J. Walter Petrie. Its name and logo was purchased around 1969 by Abbott’s. The firm’s illustrious name was revived briefly around the mid-1980s by a dealer in Seffner, Florida.
Source: MagicPedia

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