The Expositor Dlx. by William Frederick Pinchbeck – Less Than Perfect


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The only thing that makes this product “less than perfect” is that is has two spots of soiling but ONLY on the cloth book case, and only on one side.

A fine reprint courtesy of the distinguished antiquarian library of Byron Walker, San Leandro, California. Each book comes with the “conjuring literature Byron Walker Seal. We are down to a very small number of these book still available brand new.

This deluxe edition features cloth book case and leather applications was limited to 200 total sets. The first edition was published in Boston in 1805, by the English born William Frederick Pinchbeck, a descendant of Christopher Pinchbeck and the famous family of showmen and builders of automata and clocks. Pinchbeck’s intention in penning this treatise was to amuse and instruct, “but also to convince superstition of her many ridiculous errors.” The highlight of the book is the explanation of the secret of the learned pig.

Years before this exposure, pigs had been demonstrating simple feats of legerdemain, mathematical calculations and mind-reading for audiences in England. The Expositor also sheds light on other mysteries including the invisible lady and acoustic temple, seven feats of Mr. Ranie performing in the U.S., the art of ventriloquism and miscellaneous tricks and optical delusions.

The student and lover of early conjuring literature, previously unable to experience the book’s quaint chard, should find this to be a great treat.

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