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Pulled from the Crypt – Section H – Location Shelf C5. Preserved and stored for over 20 years! For those who are looking for a very special and unique piece of story telling that is also truly scarce and unique. This is not a magic trick. This piece is reserved for the psychic from the school of Borodin an Punx. Original German instructions translated by Bill Palmer.  Only a few of these were discovered when they are gone they are gone for good!

Comes with nine exceptionally well crafted Egyptian ornaments, the case which serves double duty as both storage and application due to the scored checker board top.  Two heavy duty sheets of parchment replica’s (that have been for lack of a better word have been laminated) so they will last many years but not loose their look of antiquity. Instructions in English and German.

Greeting unto you, o Julius Cesar, mighty conqueror, and also unto you, Cleopatra, queen of all the rulers of the Nile.  I am the Librarian of Alexandria.  My name is as insufficient as my existence. In me, o Julius Caesar, hare the voice Egypt and the Indignation of her Gods. You have dared to assert that the Gods of the Nile and the culture of Egypt have passed away!  You have questioned the wisdom of the Gods as well as their enduring power.  So, just dare to play a little game with our beloved queen Cleopatra, and I will provide to you the culture of Egypt has not passed away at all…

I !! – A simple Scribe, will show you the power of the Gods.

I give to you, o Cleopatra, a scroll that is as old as the culture of Egypt. The writing upon it was started many thousands of years ago, and it has grown with the history and the rulers of Egypt. In this document lies all the wisdom of the Gods.  In a cheerful they will reveal their power unto you.

The scroll will tell you exactly what to be done!  Your moves and movements; however, will remain YOUR OWN DECISION, o might Cesar.   Listen Cleopatra, o great queen!  When you see the sign of life on the scroll, with the special Hieroglyphic ☥ pause and give the mighty Caesar time to become aware of what he is to do.

You, o Julius Cesar, will now direct the feather of horus.  It will escort you through time and through the game.  You may move it on the playing field in a straight line, vertically, horizontally, back and forth. After every move, which will be given to you by our queen, the feather must come to the rest in one of the statues.  Statues will be fields, but remember, the feather much again come to rest in one of the statues at the end of your move.  Only the statues which do not contain the feather may be removed! If this does not happen, then, you, o Cesar, will have conquered the Gods of Egypt!

Now, prepare yourself to play the game of eternity, and experience the power and wisdom of the Gods of Egypt.

May your soul be blessed o you greatest of all Romans!

Now follow my instructions exactly o Julius Caesar, and ask no questions, where there will never be an answer!

In order for you to see that I do not know how the game will start, move four spaces of your choice with the feather of horus with the special Hieroglyphic ☥ sign.  Now the feather has been placed into one of the 9 statues on the board and I cannot know which one it is!

From this freely chosen starting point, now move three steps ☥ and place the statue of the warrior goddess Sekhmet, with the lion’s head, into the hands of my librarian. She will no longer aid you.  ☥ now go one step further, ☥ and place the statue of ANUBIS aside – because the feather is not in that statue.  Make haste, now, and go four more steps of your choice. ☥ get right of the cat, because she is also free. Don’t ask how I knew this, just acknowledge you fate!  ☥ now move three more steps, and try to reach the horus falcon!  ☥ you did not reach it?  Then give the statue to my librarian.  You must continue to play, but consider this: the eye of Horus is till watching over you, because you are moving the holy feather across the field. ☥ Now, two more stops of your choosing – ☥ – and also the statue of Pharaoh Thutmosi III, one of our greatest commanders, is lost to you. ☥ you have played the game very well until now!  Go one step further ☥ and remove Osiris from the playing field.  You will be allowed to meet him just after you leave this life.  ☥ There must now be three statues remaining on the field, so take three steps of FATE.

☥ Place the statue of the goddess Hathor aside. But be careful with her. She is the goddess of love, beauty and music. She is also the protector of women. ☥ Now take one more step, and place the statue of ISIS aside, as well. She has accompanied you for the entire game!  ☥ the father of horus is now in the last statue of the playing field.

Count yourself as lucky, because you have completed the game without being cursed. Do not look back with questions on your lips, because you will never understand how you successfully chose the one correct combination of moves out of 362,800 possibilities!

Actually, I could not have known that it would be the Seated Scribe! Never-the-less, He has the proof that the people of Egypt still possess a high culture and our Gods are always with you. Now take the statue from the paying field and turn it around.  Remove the parchment scroll and read the message of the Gods!

Now do you acknowledge the greatness of Egypt and her Gods?




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