The Final Card – Powell


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Another Must Have Powell Item!

From Dave Powell. The diabolically clever hidden secret in the color wheel does all the work for you! The magician shows an envelope he says contains a prediction. A regular ungimmicked deck of cards is shown and thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. A painted wooden disc is shown on both sides and placed in full view on a wooden easel. From the shuffled deck four cards are added to each clip on the color wheel. As the spectators choose a color all the cards on that color are discarded until only one color with cards is left. The cards on that color are separated and each of those four cards ibis placed under a clip on the color wheel. Now the spectators repeat picking a color and the card from that color is discarded until only one card remains. The card is turned over and revealed, it matches the prediction card in the envelope perfectly. No forcing the selection of colors – completely free choice.

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