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Stevens Magic is proud to feature the work of Vince Wilson Exclusively.  His products have done exceptionally well by all standards and are frequently purchased by some of the top names in the industry who know a good thing when it comes around.  

So, in theology, the four horsemen have multiple meanings.  Some equate the Four Horsemen with the angels of the four winds – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. ‘Hey there! Flee from the land of the North’, declares the LORD, ‘for I have dispersed you as the Four Winds of the Heavens.’ – Zechariah 2:6

• Uriel, Cardinal Angel of the Northern Corner, Elemental Angel of Earth and Black Horsemen, the Angel of Death
• Gabriel, Cardinal Angel of the Western Corner, Elemental Angel of Water and the White Horsemen, the Angel of Pestilence and the Conqueror.
• Raphael. Cardinal Angel of the Eastern Corner, Elemental Angel of Air and the Pale Horsemen, the Angel of Famine and Justice.
• Michael: Cardinal Angel of the Southern Corner, Elemental Angel of Fire and the Red Horsemen of War.

So many meanings! You can look like quite the scholar when doing this routine.

This can be very topical when used. People are always thinking this or that world leader will bring about the world’s end. Of course, this has been a thought since ancient times. Nero, Caesar, Napoleon and many more have been labeled the Anti-Christ. New weapons and world powers have been theorized as bringing about the end of humanity. Let us not forget plagues, objects from space, the environment and all sorts of other disasters.

The poet Robert Frost once wrote:
Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire.

Of course, many Judeo-Christian sects hold with the Apocalypse or End of Days. The Apocalypse will have four harbingers in the form of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Angels or Demons is debatable, but most hold with Angels, the Holy Knights of the Heavenly Host. Although the White Horseman is often called pestilence, it is also known as the “conqueror”. The Red Horseman is most certainly War. But also, Civil War – vis a vis – Duality. The Black Horseman is always Death, as you know. Although often called Famine, the Pale Horseman is also Justice and Balance.

In Revelations, the Bible speaks of 7 Seals that must be broken to bring forth The Apocalypse. The first seal is the White Horseman, the second brings forth the Red Horseman, the third is the Black Horseman, and finally the fourth seal brings forth the Pale Horseman.

“Some say recent events are signs of the End Times. Without going into politics or naming names, do you think this is so?”

The magician holds up the Apocalypse Arcana.

“This is the Apocalypse Arcana,” the magician exclaims while fanning the cards out. “When the eight cards are taken from a standard deck, that is what they are called. The FOOL, THE DEVIL, THE MAGICIAN, DEATH and the FOUR HORSEMEN! The HORSEMEN of SWORDS, WANDS, PENTACLES and CUPS. May I have a volunteer to assist me in a dark reading? Perhaps, the darkest reading of all.”

The magician holds up each card to the volunteer and describes them:

“I would like to focus on the Horsemen. Although the White Horseman is often called pestilence, it is also known as the “conqueror”. The Red Horseman is most certainly War. But also, Civil War – vis a vis – Duality. The Black Horseman is always Death and a force of nature, as you know. Although often called Famine, the Pale Horseman is also Justice and Balance.

“Now, I said Four Horsemen, but some of the more astute of you may have noticed the DEATH CARD has a mounted black horse with the Grim Reaper upon his back. Counting the KNIGHT OF PENTACLES, it can be said to be DEATH as well. Double Jeopardy?

The magician holds the cards together and shows the back of the DEATH CARD which is dark and has the Sun, the Moon and 2-headed eagle.

“The 2-headed Eagle is the symbol of the concept of the Empire. In this case, the Empire is humanity. In the past it would have represented Egypt, Rome, Greece, Germany or any other empire or imperial force.
Today, in the age of the Internet, Humanity.”

The Magician asks the volunteer to watch closely as he turns the cards over and reveals the same dark design on the back of each card. The magician then stacks them together nice and neat in his hand.

“Please, if you will, I ask you to name the way you think mankind will end. I know, it is a heavy thing to think about. But, is it War, the Red Horseman or famine, perhaps through overpopulation, with the Pale Horsemen? Maybe it would be pestilence with a new pandemic thanks to the White Horseman or a natural disaster of some type brought about by the Black Horseman?”

In this case, let’s say the volunteer picks the Pale Horseman.

“And lo! a pale horse; and the name was Death to him that sat on him, and hell followed him. And power was given to him on upon four parts of the earth, to slay with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with beasts of the earth.”

The Magician puts aside the Pale Horseman face-up on the table.

“Hunger will overcome the Earth as the human population increases and supplies become scarce. We may run to the stars, but mankind will not be able to keep up.”

The magician solemnly shows that backs of the cards again, revealing the same imperial symbolism on the remaining seven.

“Would you mind, please, turn over the Pale Horseman…” On the back, now, is a red, like blood, with the All-Seeing Eye. “Judgement.” The magician continues. “Symbolism, that is all! Right? I suppose you are wondering about the other four cards?

“Well, THE FOOL is us, if we don’t change our ways. THE DEVIL is our leaders, who cannot see through the haze. THE MAGICIAN is I, who has shown you what’s true. That DEATH comes for all of us… Even you.
“If you do not mind, one last thing. Perhaps this will give you some hope? It turns out that there is still a chance we can make the world a better place. Maybe if we can just hope a bit, we can reset fate. Please, put out your hand.”

The magician takes the cards and places them unto the volunteer’s palm. “Place your other hand on top and have hope in your heart. Now… Look.” The cards are separated, and the Four Horsemen have All-Seeing Eye on the backs of them while the others have the Imperial Symbol! “Judgement has been suspended! For now…

Comes with both downloaded instructional which is available to you post purchase but don’t worry Stevens Magic has you back, we also provide color printed instructions

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