The Ghost Bag – Schostag Estate


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The Ghost Bag is a simple change bag that is devious in its simplicity. It is different than what you think it is! This is the bag included with the Ghost Writer’s Box. Items can appear, vanish or change.

It is designed with the highest quality fabrics. It is put together by a European seamstress and is nothing short of perfection! Size: 8″ x 10.5″


Blendo effects where several scarves turn to one large multi-colored scarf.
Billet Switching – Preload 10 slips of paper with the same prediction. Swap them for
10 slips of paper that the spectators have each written something on.
Swap a normal deck of cards for gaffed deck.
Exchange rope or cord. Ideal for Professor’s Nightmare or Cut & Restored Rope routines.
Produce a deck of cards.
You can even turn the bag inside out.

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