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A startling visual vanish and appearance!  A 5 inch nickel plated tube with rings.

The tube is held up to the light to show it empty!  The tube is now held in the palm of the hand and small pieces of tissue are placed over each end, one at a time forming a drum head!  A small silk can be vanished, via your favorite method.

And can be commanded to reappear from the empty Goblin Tube!  Viola!

By breaking the tissue from one end or both ends. This can be done as a close up miracle, where it’s larger version of 10 inches tall is only for platform or stage work!

Easy to carry and easy to perform at an instant!  (Silks not provided)  Top quality as it was in the 1930’s, 1940’s and the 1950’s.!

Petrie Lewis

  • No Pulls!
  • No Palming!
  • No Fakes!

Does NOT come with silk.  Silks are also available at Stevens Magic.  See bottom of page for “some” options.

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