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First a Vanish – Then – A Startling Production.  Note from Joe: “Mark this is a great one… I remember it well. It’s a close up miracle using the P&L famous gimmick. It’s a very clever gimmick.”

Petrie LewisNo. 48 – Original Ad Copy

An entirely new and subtle method of Vanishing and Reproducing a marked silk or handkerchief. Effect: Performer passes for through inspection, a beautiful Nickel Tube, open at each end. He now requests a spectator to close both ends with a piece of paper (a la Drum Head) and return it for the moment. A Silk is now selected, marked, and passed to the performer who causes it to vanish. He now takes the Tube from the spectator and breading the paper head, produces the marked SILK.

  • No Pulls!
  • No Palming!
  • No Fakes!

Does NOT come with silk.  Silks are also available at Stevens Magic.  See bottom of page for “some” options.

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