The Gordian Knot – Willi Wessel


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Circa 1993, crafted by German magician Willi Wessel.  English instructions and illustrations copyright 1993 Stevens Magic Emporium.  Translated and typset by Bill Palmer

Stevens Magic Emporium presents The New Godian Knot an idea from Willi Wessel. Two cords are threaded through a wooden ball, which is then placed into a circular recess in a wooden box. The box has a hold on each side, so the cords can pass through thise holes to the left and to teh right.  The lid of the box is closed and the box is sealed with a brass clasp.  Other objects such as rings may also be threaded onto the cords at the left and the right of the box.  In addition to this, the cords are tied in a know, and the box is placed onto the outstrecthed palm of a specator’s hand.

You hold both ends of the cords, at the left and teh right, reveal and ancient cantation, give the cords a sharp tug, and the cords penetrate the balls, the box and evrerything else you have threaded onto them!  Still an unbelieveable feat of visual magic using a clever classical principle.

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