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If any one man can be credited with extending the Golden Age of Magic in Britain, that man is Cecil Lyle. After achieving fame as a music hall performer, he set his sights on the creation of a full-evening show in the tradition of the great magicians of his youth. Even the outbreak of World War II did not deter him from persuing this goal. Through relentless hard work, Lyle eventually realized this dream with the creation of the Cavalcade of Mysteries and later his Mystery Box Revue. Audiences in Britain, Australia, Europe and South Africa were treated to some of the greatest illusions ever created by Horace Goldin, David Devant, Arnold deBiere, Lafayette, Amac and others. Here, for the first time, is the inspiring story of the struggles, triumphs and failures endured by Cecil Lyle during his reign as the last of the great touring illusionists.

Pages: 300 – 8″ x 10″ – Hardcover with dust jacket – Lavishly illustrated with 100 photographs, programs, advertisements including 12 pages of full color.

A peek inside The Great Lyle
Chapter 11 – Enter Bobbie Dixon, Stage Manager and Director The Lyles habitually arrived early at the theatre for the evening performances and at the close of every evening’s second house each member of the company had to go first to Lyle’s dressing room, and then to Lucille’s, to say “Goodnight.” This gave them the opportunity to have a word with individuals about any aspects of the evening’s shows that needed attention, although for serious matters that concerned the company as a whole they would be asked to remain on stage at the conclusion of the performance. Lyle was always very happy to listen to any suggestions his staff might have for improving the presentation of the show.

Lyle applied his own make-up and he was not strict about the make-up used by his assistants. Bobbie as Stage Manager had always to wear full stage make-up and be ready to step on stage should

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