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“This book has Stevens Magic’s highest recommendation. Simply put – if you don’t have this book and you are interested in Mentalism – you’re not really interested in Mentalism.  It’s a case study for creating a project that maintains the highest standards with respect to exceptionally powerful content, layout, design, printing. The technique featured in this book is worth the price alone!” Mark Stevens

“Gabriel Werlen blew my mind when I read this book. The technique taught in this book is one of my personal favorites, and one I have used effectively for over 60 years.  What impressed me was the breadth and scope of possibilities that Gabriel details within.”Joe Stevens

240 pages teaching you an amazing principle and revolutionary new method that you’ll be able to use to perform stunning impromptu and prop-based magic and mentalism routines. Use this in any situation from close-up to stage to even long-distance.

In The Green Neck System, Gabriel Werlen teaches you an amazing principle that you’ll be able to use to perform a whole host of stunning magic and mentalism routines. You’ll have a wide range of effects at your disposal, some impromptu, others prop-based. You’ll be able to use them in both close-up performances and stage shows, with some even working long-distance (perfect for when you want to perform for someone over the phone).

A vast array of plots are given the Green Neck treatment – from ‘Which hand?’ effects to pseudo-psychometry and muscle-reading demonstrations, via ‘Bank Night’ routines, chair tests, Russian-roulette effects, divinations, predictions and a wealth of other presentations… Best of all, the Green Neck System is intriguingly simple, and doesn’t require your spectators to follow any complex instructions or elaborate procedures.

Over the course of more than two hundred pages, Gabriel Werlen offers you a detailed explanation of the revolutionary new method that he’s spent the last ten years refining and building upon, after taking an idea from Bob Hummer as his starting point. He reveals how he discovered the System and guides you through its basic features. He explains how it works before giving you thirteen full routines that incorporate the System into a variety of plots.

The principle was enough to make Gaëtan Bloom a devoted fan of Gabriel Werlen’s work, as he readily admits himself:

“This book is a truly comprehensive study – over two hundred pages long – and it comes at a time when people are quick to publish PDFs of their ideas as soon as they stumble on a minor variation of something. This is much more meaningful than that! “When I started reading, I had my doubts about what new insights Gabriel could have discovered, fearing that a Bob Hummer principle that I’ve long been a fan of would end up being massively watered down. I was soon enchanted by the strange and oh-so-subtle intricacies of the various routines he describes.

“The first effect whets our appetites… The table is set. The rest of the book is like a many-layered onion… One that makes us cry with happiness! Slowly but surely, nuggets and new nuances follow, with telephone and stage effects all breaking new magical ground. The technique for openly marking objects from a distance is diabolical, as is the idea of pairing objects with one another… “I don’t want to say anything else… If you’re a fan of subtlety, you’ll wolf down every page… Each one is full of mysteries, and is as fun and rewarding to explore as the clues to a fine cryptic crossword…

“My only regret is that Bob Hummer wasn’t able to read this book – I’m sure he would’ve loved it! I’ve no doubt that Annemann, too, would’ve thoroughly enjoyed all these new developments.” – Gaëtan Bloom

Routines explained include…

  • Setting the Table: A completely impromptu effect, whereby a spectator merely thinks of one of several objects,  the performer divines that object.
  • At the Bar: The performer repeatedly identifies under which cup a spectator has hidden a paper ball. He finishes by explaining that he’s going to influence his volunteer for the last round of the game, and proves it by predicting the cup under which she hides the ball.
  • Poison: A Russian-roulette effect in which a glass of bleach has been mixed amongst glasses of drinking water.
  • Breathalyzed: A ‘PK taste’ routine in which the performer is able to sense the exact drinks his volunteer is tasting.
  • Mister Misfortune: A chair test with a bad-luck premise and a thrilling final twist.
  • Fantasia in F Minor: The performer determines which of two spectators’ hands is concealing a coin.
  • Basic Instinct: The performer subjects several spectators to a lie-detection test, and afterwards reveals a celebrity that is in one of the spectators’ minds.

Many other effects are explained, included a stunning version of ‘Bank Night’ and an incredible coincidence routine that shows how much in love is a couple from your audience.  Published by Marchand du Trucs & Mindbox.

6″ x 9″ or 16 x 24cm
240 pages
Full-color hardcover
Stitch binding

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