The Grimoire of Practical Jewish Magic For Everyone by Dr. Jeremy Weiss


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The Grimoire of Practical Jewish Magic for Everyone seeks to educate all peoples of any faith and background on how to practice effective and practical magic within and according to the Jewish tradition.

The first section of the book contains a technical glossary of terms, the definition of the Jewish people, a summary of Jewish folkloric history and the justification of the use of magic in the Jewish tradition. The second section of the book encompasses Jewish magical beliefs (for example: Amulets, Astrology, Birth, Death, Demons, Evil Eye, Ghosts, Incense, Palmistry, Zoological Curios and more). The third section is over 800 spells, rituals and magical formulae grouped by condition. In need of winning at court? Look up court case spells. Spells for protection, love, prosperity and even invisibility, just to name a few.

With this singular book, the reader (regardless of their faith) can perform everything from an exorcism to effective amulet-making in accordance to Jewish magical tradition.

Chapters Include


Glossary of Hebrew and Jewish Terms

The Jewish People, Their Magic and History

Divination and Witchcraft in Judaism

Jewish Magical Beliefs

Spells, Rituals, and Amulets by Condition

Jewish Magic in Conclusion: Putting It All Together

Appendix 1: Jewish Number Symbolism

Appendix 2: Jewish Supernatural Entities

Appendix 3: Jewish Dictionary of Dreams


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