The Hardest Rubberbands


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Product Description

Careful! Magic FOR ADULTS!

If someone asks you to show them HARD tricks, here’s the trick they need. You show a rubber band, and this elastic is placed in the hand of the spectator who closes it in fist. Finally, you let the audience think about what they want. Then this elastic visually changes shape and becomes the DING-DONG-shaped elastic.


  • Adults only, easy to do, instant reset.
  • This elastic can be given as a souvenir.
  • Perfect as a finale for Crazy Man’s Handcuffs.

You receive:

  • 20 unique shaped elastics
  • 30 normal elastics
  • Online Instructions

“Finally, a high-class elastic tour for knowledgeable connoisseurs. Solid entertainment!” – Dan Harlan

“The sexiest elastic effect there is. I will always keep this jewel around my wrist!” – Dr. Cyril Thomas

“It’s f**king hardcore…” – Hondo

“The perfect highlight for any elastic effect.” – –Joe Rindfleisch

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