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Note:  Ad Copy used with permission by Andy Martin – Martin’s Magic

Martin Breese, with the help of Tony Curtis, has remade this wallet to be about as perfect as you could imagine. The weight has been decreased by about 30% from 3.6oz to 2.6oz, the gimmick is now sewn in, and it is even stronger than before. If you already use this wallet all of these improvements will mean something to you. If you don’t then you are in for a real treat!

The original version is still a fabulous wallet, but if you have a choice of either one, then this is clearly the one to go for.

Many effects are possible with this wallet and a number of excellent routines are supplied. Please do not confuse the Horwitz wallet with a Himber wallet. It is a changing wallet but all changes take place WHILST THE WALLET IS IN THE SPECTATOR’S HANDS! The wallet is so cleverly made that the gimmick section is hard to find. Hip-size in calfskin with gold plated corner pieces.  The well written and well produced instruction booklet details 5 routines and I didn’t get past the first one before I just had to photograph and get this review up. You know that feeling when you buy an effect and just love everything about it: the price, the quality, the simplicity, the cunning, the versatility, and the totally mind blowing reaction that is surely going to happen whenever you perform it? This has all of this and more. The wallet is even a great size, instead of those huge wallets you sometimes see.

The World’s Most Fantastic Card-in-Wallet is the first effect, and it truly is. It is a clean no palming version, where the wallet is clearly shown empty when you give it to the spectator and yet the freely chosen and signed card still appears slap bang in the wallet when they open it!

Effect: The basic effect is as follows: Two cards are selected by two spectators. One card is signed across its face. Both cards are lost in the pack. You take out your wallet and show the money inside. If you fail to get the two cards into the wallet you will share the money with the spectators. At random you take one card from the pack and place it in the wallet and hand wallet to first spectator. He is asked to take the card out of the wallet and it is seen to be his. He then closes the wallet and in its empty state he passes it to the next spectator who places it still empty into his pocket. You explain that somewhere in the deck is the signed card. When you spread the deck the signed card has vanished. It can not be in the wallet as the empty wallet has been placed in the spectator’s pocket by the spectator himself. That is the premise! However when the spectator takes the wallet from his pocket and opens it the signed card is in the wallet!

The wallet does not look magical or faked in anyway. It is the kind of wallet that a gentleman would carry.

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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