The Invisible Pass by Jean Hugard – Book 1944 – Heldman Estate


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Hardback. Fair Condition.

It is supposedly the first book devoted to a single sleight – beautifully layed out with photos as well as drawings off all stages of the invisible pass. A detailed and thorough explanation of this form of the pass. The pass is a difficult move. Many books barely scratch the surface when they try to teach a shift or pass. This book is entirely devoted to a single move and leaves no open questions.

In a letter to Paul Fleming Nov 5th 1944 Fred Braue talks about his “invisible pass” for the first time: “…I mentioned earlier a special interest in the “pass”. Jean and I are doing another little booklet, this time on the Invisible Pass, in which illustrations will take the place of text. This is being done as an experiment, in an attempt to record a new pass which is exceptionally good. It’s one which I’ve been using for a good many years and which, up to now, I’ve kept to myself. Several months ago Charlie Miller was so interested in the move (he couldn’t see the pass although I did it repeatedly) that I gave him some of the moves …” More of this letter can be found in our ebook version of this great book. [The contents of this letter was generously contributed by Jan Janson.]

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