The Last Laugh – Curated Comedy of Steve Walker – (Sean Taylor) – Book


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Think about it – what would just “on” solid joke, or one-liner that delivers be worth to a working performer?  With this book you will get a lot more than just one! 

Steve Walker was a professional comedy magician and MC. He was born in Yorkshire but lived most of his adult life in Sydney, Australia. After Steve’s death, his fellow magicians helped to sell his estate and discovered a small note book which contained  over 700 jokes, gags, one liners and wise cracks from TV and radio. The contents of this book contain a valuable source of one-liners (many of which are easy to remember).

Steve’s friend and colleague Sean Taylor has not only deciphered the jokes, but adds his own impressions of Steve, some funny stories and even a complete transcript of his 45 minute magic act. The most remarkable fact is the vast majority of these jokes and one-liners still remain remarkably fresh and familiar.  Whether you are a magician, comedian, variety act or MC, or you just want to spice up a speech or presentation, this might just be the book for you.

Soft Cover – 106 pages.

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