The Last Lecture – Pete Biro (Book)


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Pete Biro is back! The amazing walking sponge – capable of absorbing all types of important and sometimes, not so important bits, such as routines, historical credits and great stories – has yet another in his successful line of booklets! No wonder his books are some of our top selling products! Pete is loved the world over!  Be careful – as this title says – THERE ARE NO RULES!   Pete Biro’s Last Lecture!  SAY IT AIN’T SO PETE!

Originally presented at the IMX Convention in Las Vegas, Biro’s notes included work on the famous “Walnut Trick” of Dai Vernon, details on how to make a comedy card routine with a rat trap, updated handling of the Sever/Biro rising cards (which Daryl, with permission, includes in his lectures).

Long kept a secret his “No Tilt” Chinese sticks are detailed and his award winning “self unlinking rings” gimmick is, for the first time, revealed. Topping it off are presentation ideas for the egg bag and a way to set-up the Professor’s Nightmare on the fly.

Everything in this book has bee audience tested for years and none are difficult to perform.  If you have any of Pete’s previous booklets, you know you have to get this one!


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