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I remember many years back Collectors Workshop created a brass houlette called Marrakesh Mystery, that unit was more elaborate no question but today audiences and performers demand organic props.  From memory it sold for about $500, or perhaps appreciated to that price when production was stopped.  This is your chance to get something similar at a fraction of the cost that also is much more organic and non-propish!

You take the cards out of the case and ask the viewer to think of one of them. After putting the game back in its deck, the spectator names his card and concentrates. You start performing a few magic gestures, and then, after just a few seconds, a card slowly starts to rise. This is the spectator’s thought card!

Better yet, you can do this again immediately with another card (for example, the one chosen by a second spectator)! Several routines and presentations are of course offered with The Last Rise. In addition, an explanatory video in French shot by the team accompanies this exceptional product (access via the codes printed on the packaging).

Andrew is a meticulous creator, and he has proven so by engineering this unprecedented and good quality gimmick. A Bicycle game that will follow you everywhere so much you will be delighted with the reactions of your viewers to such an effect.


  • Bicycle game specially handmade
  • Instant reset
  • Possibility to go around with several different cards
  • Available in red
  • Solid and high quality gimmick
  • No electronics
  • Under control, the card goes up when YOU decide!
  • As powerful and impactful in real life as in video.

QUOTE: “It is rare that I am completely thrilled with a magic purchase these days but I when it comes to The Last Rise I am completely thrilled. I’m so glad I purchased it.  I had a similar idea many years back, but wasn’t able to engineer it.  Glad I am finally able to get this effect.  It’s an incredible value and I absolutely love it. Thanks Stevens Magic for choosing select products.” – David Dellman

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1 review for The Last Rise

  1. kilpatrickd (verified owner)

    I just received this, watched the instructions, and played with the prop. Such a quick (impulsive?) review on my part is due to my enthusiasm for this trick. I have many different versions of the rising card trick, both poker size and jumbo sized. The Last Rise is a completely new method for me. It’s very clever.

    Most rising card tricks involve the spectator selecting a card, which is replaced in the deck and it rises. Great effect, of course. But The Last Rise goes beyond that. You fan out the cards and they mentally select one of those cards. The decks is put back in the box and the person is asked to call out the name of their card and within a second it rises (the description above says after a few seconds it rises, but the rise is really virtually immediate; you can make it rise slower if you’d like, but it can be immediate). Also, you control if the card rises quickly or very slowly and eerily. No electronics to worry about. The “mechanism” behind the rising process seems well designed and well made suggesting it will last a long time. Also, though you don’t need to, but after the rise, you can take the deck back out and hand them their card for examination, and the cards on either side are ungimmicked.

    The video-based instructions include three routines, all of them are good. There’s no “filler” on the video.

    If you have the cash, consider this trick. I recommend it!

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