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This is a really unique little gem that if performed is well worth the small price. The Lotus Flower is a self opening paper apparatus in the form of a flower that will open by itself in a very magical way. Based on an origami form that is hundreds of years old although it was never used in magic before so its a fresh new apparatus in the world of magic.

The Lotus Flower is a beautiful and magical way to reveal a selected playing card, ESP symbol, number or letter of the alphabet and can be used to reveal a word by using one of the blank templates provided. It can be used to reveal a word by using multiple letters Lotus Flowers as well, which will begin to open as they float upon the water.

The Lotus Flower is simple to use – all you need to do is select the proper template and cut it out and fold it up and its ready to go. Please note to save ink the template pages contain no more than six lotus Flowers per standard 8.5 x 11 page. Templates include Playing Cards, Esp Symbols, Letters of the Alphabet, numbers and I also included some blank templates in a couple of different sizes so you can write in what ever you wish to reveal using the magic of the Lotus Flower.

The Lotus Flower creates a magical moment for those who see it. In fact the Lotus Flower can take a weak card effect and make a very stunning reveal.

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