The Magic of Emile Clifton (Biro) – Book


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This is the fourth volume in the series of books by Pete Biro, which features the magic of Emile Clifton, who was instrumental in helping Pete learn how to be a performer (emphasis on the word performer), through his experience as a magician and an actor.

This book is filled with 24 pages of interesting information, effects and step-by-step sketches. Some of these effects are:

  • Startled (a variation on the McDonald’s Aces) to which the author is quoted as: “I consider Clifton’s laydown, described in this book, the finest yet for the McDonald’s Aces.”
  • Clifton’s Ring Move – By Earl Nelson, courtesy Mike Caveney. A “ring and string” effect.
  • Reel Magic – Clifton’s and Others. Detailing performing effects with this great utility device.

The effects are followed by an informative and interesting summary of early African-American performers of Magic. A column from our late, dear friend Mike Rogers about Emile Clifton, as well as an article titled “BackWords” by Mark “Buma Jr.” Burger is also included and provides the book with a good balance.

In summary, it’s a great value for the price and is highly recommended and has just enough of “this and that” to make it another in the continuation of books by Pete Biro.

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