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The Magic of Fred Robinson may well be the most anxiously-awaited book amongst magicians the world over. I’ve known about it for years and I’m sure most other magicians have too. Alas, with most books of this size, delays kept creeping into the project.

While I never had the opportunity to meet Fred Robinson, many friends have told me about him. Dai Vernon’s quote (used in the advertising for the book) makes me sit up and take note:

“I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of the all-time greats; especially with cards.” -Dai Vernon

Fred was a private man but his skill at sleight-of-hand with cards and coins was legendary. He could be found at the Magic Circle on Monday evenings and many well-known names from around the world paid homage to Fred and traveled countless miles to witness for themselves his legendary skills.

He was the editor of Pabular magazine and inspired contributions from the finest magicians of his time. Many magicians believe that this magazine was the best of its time; if not the best of all time. This book contains all of Fred’s contributions to the magazine.

The Magic of Fred Robinson also documents and describes every effect that Fred performed. It has been written by Peter Duffie who has skilfully described all of Fred’s sleights and effects in the greatest of detail. There are pages of detailed drawings and photographs and the book pays tribute to one of the greatest sleight-of-hand magicians the world has ever known.

Pages 286 – Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket

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