The Magic Of Matt Schulien – By Philip Reed Willmarth – Book – Estate

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A great big wonderful book about a great big wonderful performer and his tricks – the late great restauranteur, Matt Schulien. Many Chicago magic notables honed their skills while working tables at Schuliens or were influence by Matt’s magic style. Among them you have such magic stars as Eugene Burger, Jim Krzak, Al James, Heba Haba Al, Bert Allerton, Don Alan, and many many others.

Schuliens Restaurant, the legendary and favorite eatery of local Chicagoans and visitors from abroad was a family owned enterprise for 113 years. Matt grew up in the family business and a lifetime of fooling patrons at his saloon made Matt one of the world’s finest close-up men. His goldfish trick made him famous. His gags and quick tricks are a bartender’s delight. This fascinating 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound edition with dust-jacket is filled with photographs, illustrations, interesting historical and biographical documents and accounts and includes over fifty effects that Matt performed for his patrons.

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