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This is one of the all-time great books on magic, because it teaches not just a large selection of great tricks, but also a lot of concepts, applied psychology and ways to handle spectators.

A great big wonderful ebook about a great big wonderful performer and his tricks – the late great restauranteur, Matt Schulien. Schuliens Restaurant, the legendary and favorite eatery of local Chicagoans and visitors from abroad was a family owned enterprise for 113 years. Matt grew up in the family business and a lifetime of fooling patrons at his saloon made Matt one of the world’s finest close-up men. His goldfish trick made him famous. His gags and quick tricks are a bartender’s delight. This fascinating ebook is filled with photographs, illustrations, interesting historical and biographical documents and accounts and includes over fifty effects that Matt performed for his patrons.

First Edition :207 pages.

Table of Contents

Not The Best, But The Biggest
Basic Sleights

Matt’s Fan Location
The Crimp Location And Steal
The Palm
Matt’s Hideaway
Quick Discoveries

Cut The Cards
The Card In The Hat
Air Pressure
The Card In The Cuff
The Card In The Card Case
One Hand Discovery One Card
One Hand Discovery Two Cards
Spell It
Three Reversed
The Invisible Hair
The Slap Discovery
Tricks With The Change

The Change
The Professional Touch
Put It Back In The Deck
The Slam And Flip Over
That’s Your Card (A Sucker Trick)
Matt’s Ribbon Spread Trick
Sphinx Picture

Tricks With The Force

The Face-Up Spread Force
The Fan Force
Matt’s Call A Card Force
Matt’s Face-Down Spread Force
Find The Five
The Lie Test
The X-Ray Eyes
Miscellaneous Magic And Gags

The Vanishing Deck
Testing A Half Dollar
Bending A Spoon
Bending The Arm
Matt’s Match Magic
The Jumping Match
Matt’s Goldfish Eating
Card Routines

Where Do You Want Your Card?
The Mental Fan Force Routine
A Sample Routine
Counting The Cards
Phase I “Give Me Six Cards”
Phase II “Call a Number From Six to Ten”
Phase III “Call A Number Less Than Six”
Phase IV “Did You See How I Did That?”
Phase V “How Many Did We Have?”
Phase VI Passing The Cards
Phase VII Finale
Matt’s Crazy Poker Deal
The Cards And The Cigarette
Tricks With Gimmicks

The Pea Can
The Half In The Bottle
The Fifty Sponge Balls
Matt’s Color Changing Knife Routine
A Knife Gag
The Case Of The Missing Handle
Smash Discoveries

The Card In The Sugar
The Corner In The Glass
Card In The Matchbook
The Card Under The Tablecloth
“Here Comes Kelly” The Card In The Glass
The Card On The Wall
The Real Secrets Of Matt Schulien

A Summary Of Matt’s Advice On Magic
About Matt
Puzzle Picture
Matt’s Kind Of Magic

Matt’s Card In The Matchbook—Two
Larry West’s Card And Glass
The Card On The Forehead
The Vanishing Match, Jim Ryan
Eddie Fechter’s Card Under The Lapel
Johnny Platt’s Which Is Which
Chuck Morris
Air Pressure Turnover
Heba Haba Al
The Sugar Cube Trick
Frank Everhart
The Sponge Rabbits
Frank Everhart Does Paper Hats And Pants
A Trick You Can Write Home About! Don Alan
Don Alan
Chicago Restaurateur Matt Schulien Dies
About The Author
Schuliens’ Today

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