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9 Introduction (Dai Vernon)
10 Chapter One — “My Fifty Years In Magic”

32 Chapter Two — Cards
32 Center Steal
34 Four Ace Routine
36 Surprise Color Change
38 Topsy Turvy Cards
42 Interlocked Card Production
44 Billfold and Cards
47 Vanish Of Thought-Of Card
48 Reverse Push-Off Count
50 Japanese Mental Card Effect
52 Manipulative Card Routine

66 Chapter Three — Cigarettes
66 Ghost Cigarette
68 Cigarette Surprise
70 Cigarette And Handkerchief Routine

74 Chapter Four — Coins
74 Coin Chase
76 Penetrating Coin
78 Silver Production Out Of The Air
80 Catch The Coin
82 Coin Into Handkerchief
84 Devaluation
86 Coin In Cane Vanish

90 Chapter Five — Ropes
90 Rope Decapitation
92 Ring On Rope
94 Miracle Rope Effect
96 Chair Release From Cords
98 Rope Puzzle
100 The Knot Of Foam
103 False Knot Gimmick

104 Chapter Six — Silks
104 Cut and Restored Silk Handkerchief
108 Surprise Silk Vanish
110 Vanishing Silk Knots
112 Surprise Silk & Billiard Ball Production
114 Production Of Several Silks

118 Chapter Seven – Six Tricks
118 Dye Tube Technique
120 Knots Supreme
124 The Three Dice Trick
126 The Two Penny Trick
128 Two Coin Moves
130 Cord Flight

134 Chapter Eight-Miscellaneous
134 Glass Levitation
136 Dance Of The Butterfly
140 Ten Dollars To Two Fives

142 Recollections By Gerald Kosky

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