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Stevens Magic has sold variations of this effect since the 1980’s and it continues to be one of the best because you can apply whatever message you want to it. If ever there was a blank canvas for a magician who can then adapt their routine to comedy, or emotional themed life experienced (as was the case with 2009 FISM winner Siebensinn to which Harold Voit was the manufacturer), or perhaps a routine on how to overcome obstacles this is it! We offer it in three sizes including this economy pocket version.  While the pocket size differs in that it does not have the wood frame, it does balance that by using a translucent clear acrylic box, which is a nice trade-off. And with respects to TCC they utilize a different methodology.

Summary, wood blocks in a clear acrylic box are dumped and the puzzle is apparently solved only to discover that he forget to use all the pieces when a 2nd pieces is discovered. So the magician goes to work and magically is able to solve it with the added extra piece – WHEW! But just as he starts to relax, guess what – yes, that’s right yet another piece was forgotten! So for the 2nd time the magician sets out to solve the puzzle and is able to do just that. The real test comes when it’s time to slide the solved puzzle wood blocks back into the acrylic box. How can it happen that two pieces were added and yet the puzzle remains the same dimensions as when it was first assembled? That is the magic because sure enough the completed wood puzzle pieces next perfectly back into the clear box and the lid is closed! Think about that for a second! Now you know why this is one of the most cherished pieces in the art of Magic.

The Wood Blocks: Considering its aesthetics, feel, durability, etc., We have chosen the blocks to be made out of Brazilian rosewood. The wood possesses a red luster, has a fine and uniform structure, high strength, and density. It is not easily deformed and feels good. Perfectly suited to make the 3D puzzle blocks. Its polished surface and chamfered edges make it feel good to the touch.

Frosted Acrylic Case: You may have encountered a situation where the puzzle tiles were accidentally scattered on the ground. Therefore, so we have included an acrylic case, which not only is a part of the performance but also doubles as a storage box. The box is made of high-grade acrylic, and the wooden blocks inside can be observed from the outside. The frosted surface also gives it a matte finish and solves the problem of fingerprints.

Unprecedented Portable Size: Most tile puzzles are big and bulky to carry around. The large size also restricts its use to more formal performances, such as in small theaters or trade shows. The overall size of the Amazing 3D Puzzle Blocks is 8cm x 6.6cm x 4cm, which is very small. The acrylic case makes it more convenient and practical as an everyday carry item.

Full instructions is included.

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