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The Magic Puzzle.  Also known as: Merlin’s Magic Elixir. Harold Voit. This is a great effect that incorporates a little magic and puzzle skills too! This is a great effect anytime, but really great for the Holiday’s when you are entertaining friends and family. ZZM- Harold Voit

This is a great effect that incorporates a little magic and puzzle skills too! How is it possible to put pieces of a puzzle together until you solve it? How do you know it’s solved? Simple – you have wood frame that will fit over the puzzle just perfectly when it is solved. Now imagine after it is solved, another piece is introduced. The trick, now organized the pieces again with the new piece added so that you can again place the wood frame over it? Impossible right? Well, the magician goes to work and sure enough assembles them in the same formation. The wood frame is introduced and once again it FITS over the puzzle as tightly as it did before! Amazing you say? Well, how about adding yet ANOTHER piece of the puzzle (that is two pieces total) again? The magician undetermined goes to work reorganizing and moving the pieces until he/she finally (for the 3rd time) had the formation solved – except for the final test! The wood frame in once again introduced. Surely, it won’t fit NOW! It’s impossible to add not just one piece but two pieces and the puzzle remain the exact same dimensions – right? The frame is slowly placed over the puzzle and sure enough it’s a tight fit. The magician has truly solved more than just a puzzle – he/she has just performed a miracle. One that won’t be forgotten I can assure you.

Effect: Pete Biro removes 10 marbled blocks of wood from a beautifully decorated hardwood box. The pieces form a rectangle 14 by 12 cm, around which a white frame fits exactly – a puzzle. Pete tells the crowd that in addition to purchasing this beautiful puzzle box, he also purchased an expensive potion (in which he then displays a small bottle containing liquid), at a much higher sum then the puzzle box. Joe Stevens at Stevens Magic assured me that it was the original elixir, which Merlin, himself concocted. Without the elixir no one could ever figure out the puzzle. Just for fun, Pete decides to try and solve the puzzle without using the potion – and to his amazement and disappointment, he is able to do it without using so much of a dram of the magical elixir! Pete, thinking realizing how much he spent of the special potion, immediately runs back to Stevens Magic to lay into Joe for selling him expensive elixir that he didn’t even need! Joe greets Pete and says, ‘Please calm down! I forgot to give you one of the pieces of the puzzle!’

Once again, Pete leaves Stevens Magic and goes home with the extra piece. He gets out his bottle of expensive potion, but before he opens it he again tries to solve it first (without using the potion) – once again he succeeds! Now he is really mad! He returns to Stevens Magic and this time Joe says, ‘I’m sorry Pete, you’re not going to believe me but I actually forgot to give you this additional extra piece too!’ Once more Pete returns home with the 2nd extra piece of the puzzle and of course, tries to assemble it again without the potion and – once again he is successful! He gets on the phone and calls Stevens Magic and asks Joe, ‘Why did you sell me this magical elixir with the puzzle?’ Joe replied, ‘Look, you have added two pieces to the puzzle – and it is still exactly the same size it was when you started (at which time Pete places the rectangular frame around the puzzle) and once again, it fits perfectly! But how can this be? It worked the first time, and then the second time with an extra piece added and even the third time with the second extra piece! Pete replied, ‘How in world is this possible?’ In which Joe responded, ‘In order to find this out, you will need to take a couple drinks of that magical elixir!’ Here’s what you get! You receive: The beautiful wooden drawer box (non gimmicked), the puzzle, which it contains, a frame and exceptionally detailed instructions with frame-by-frame illustrations. Size of this item is 5 3/4 x 6 1/2-inches.

AKA: The Magic Puzzle

Note: Color of blocks and other minor cosmetic aspects vary from one batch to another based on materials available at the time of construction.

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3 reviews for The Magic Puzzle – (Voit) – Exclusive

  1. Robert Goleman

    Truly ingenious and very deceptive. The box is very nicely made, though I must admit there was a bit of disappointment upon discovering that the “brass” corners in the photo are actually stickers and not real hardware (that is why only 4 stars). Nevertheless, the quality is excellent, the trick is a winner, and it’s a lot of fun to do. The directions are detailed, yet take a little bit of getting used to – it is a puzzle after all. The workings are quite easy to get the hang of and, with a good presentation, will be highly entertaining – I’ll be using it frequently!

  2. [email protected]

    I first showed this to my family, my toughest audience, and they loved it. Were completely fooled. This is a classy piece of kit. I never realised how “magical” a puzzle could be. Clear illustrated instructions make learning very easy. For anyone who does not know the secret . . . this will drive you nuts!
    Wayne Rogers

  3. [email protected]

    A great piece of art to add to my magic arsenal. very unique and all I had hoped it would be. nicely crafted and well worth the money spent. I would like to keep this to my self… but cant be selfish. so I recommend it. It is a great effect and looks great when just setting around. a great conversational starter piece that easily gets you started into a great piece of magic to share with friends and guest when they want to know what that thing is.

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