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“Haven’t we all wished at some time to be magicians? Here’s your chance, for in this new book you can learn hundreds of ways to mystify your friends and make them think you have the special gift of magic.

In the Magic show book a professional magician tells boys and girls briefly something of the interesting history of magic, some of the important underlying principles in this entertaining art and “tricks of the trade”. Then he gives instructions on how to perform over a hundred marvelous tricks and also how to make all the necessary equipment.

Here you will find all kinds of tricks with the strings, straws, paper, coins, handkerchiefs, etc., that will challenge your nimble fingers and will amuse your friends. Some of the tricks are very simple ones, others quite Difficult but if you learn them one by one you’ll find you’ll soon be able to do them all. Perhaps you know some of them already, but there are lots of new ones!” – Inner Cover of the book.

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