The Magic Sword – Alien Light Saber


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This little thing will drive you nuts – in a good way! It really is a fun baffling illusion. The perfect past time and conversation piece at the dinner table.

So popular in the 40s & 50s! Remember this one! First introduced back in those days as El Torro. It has come back now as Magic Sword. This is a fabulous penetration effect that serves double duty as a great conversation piece! Attached to the outside unit is a metal clip that holds a small chain. At the end of the chain is a solid metal key. This key is inserted deep into a hole on the cover, and the tip can be seen sticking out of the back side blocking the sword’s ability to pass through it.

But this is a magical Alien light saber. You push the lever and can visually see the Alien light saber actually penetrate the solid metal key that is threaded through the center! Yet, when the key is removed it is still intact.

Great visual magic the sword penetrates the key again and again but the key remains solid! What a fabulous puzzle and piece of pocket magic that is fun anytime! You a gotta love this one!

Interesting Note: If you study the key, you will see it is actually molded in the shape of a bulls head!  This is a little interesting tidbit, as you can see this model, didn’t stay true to the original in some ways, by adding a pirate instead of a bull fighter! But, they did still manage to mold the key with the original shape of the bull’s head.  This is a perfect gift, and we have many customers ordering 4 or 6 to give to friends – for good reason. 

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