The Magical World of Slydini by Karl Fulves – 2 BOOK SET – Schostag Estate


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1 Close-Up Miracles
Sweet Salt
Sugar Express
Encore Sponge Balls
2 Slydini On Rope Magic
Slydini’s Cut Rope
Equal-Unequal Ropes
Slydini’s Rope Knots
3 Cards In Close-Up
Slydini’s Wild Card
The Slydini Aces
Slydini’s Table Shift
The Slydini Invisible Pass
The Slydini Switch II
4 The Torn and Restored Newspaper
5 More Slydini Coin Classics
Encore Coins
Wrong Way Coins
Gemini Coins
A Coin Gag
Sliding Silver
6 The Coin Clip
7 Slydini’s Silk Knots
Houdini Silks
Splitting The Knot
8 Slydini’s Sympathetic Silks
9 Slydini Close-Up Classics
The Ring On The String
The Torn and Restored Napkin Corner
10 Slydini’s Linking Rings

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