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The Man Who Knew Too Much collection of mysteries was written by Chesterton in 1922. The eight adventures feature the activities of British sleuth Horne Fisher, the man who knew too much, and his best and most trusted friend Harold March.

Imagine this: you pick up The Man Who Knew Too Much and hand it out to be examined. You have an audience member thumb through the pages, tell you how many are in the book, and perhaps even hand it out to others to look out too as you explain that one of the moral dilemmas of having the ability to read minds is that you simply “know too much” about people. But rather than reading her mind directly, you’ve found it is safer to just have her read a book and then project it to you.

She freely chooses a page; she is not a stooge or confederate of any kind. As she begins to read the first paragraph, you begin to receive what she is sending you. You break out a piece of paper and start to draw something. Then you reveal a few letters, then a word, then a few words, then a paragraph. As she continues to read you continue to “see” what she sees and reveal it to her and an astonished crowd. You can use this book without any setup and it instantly resets. While magicians have been told for years and years to never repeat a “trick” you can do so with The Man Who Knew Too Much right away without any fear of being discovered.

What’s more, there are no cribs; no complicated anagrams; no mirrors; and no electronics. If you have one of our other book tests then you do not need to be convinced of the quality of our work; The Man Who Knew Too Much is no exception to this rule. If you already own The Dracula Book Test, you will immediately be familiar with part of the gaff: make no mistake about it, this is EASY to learn and easy to perform! You’ll love this book test.

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