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The book contains fifteen specially-chosen pieces, which, while easier to master than Bill’s signature mentalism, are no less amazing. In fact, he uses many of them on a regular basis. Copper Lion, for example, is jaw-dropping example of impossible test-condition psychometry, while The Devil’s Musical Sound and Incombustible Linen will make you look like a card-carrying spiritualist!

And how about blowing somebody’s mind, by using yours to make a borrowed coin jump around on the top of a borrowed bottle, neither of which you’ve touched? Then pass this astounding mind power on to a spectator who then uses it to bend a coin.

Speaking of money, have somebody place a dollar bill down-or a five, a ten, even a twenty-and watch their faces when the bill recognizes you as its new owner by rising toward your out-stretched hand!

Oh, and we weren’t kidding when we said that although THE MENTAL MAGIC OF BILL MONTANA isn’t The Bridge, his ground-breaking dream induction technique that shattered the limits of mentalism, it’s still a dream come true. The book contains The Door of Opportunity, which you can use to turn parts of a person’s daydream in reality!

That’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in THE MENTAL MAGIC OF BILL MONTANA, along with a generous dose of process and history. For each of the effects, Bill either explains how he came up with the idea or exactly how he modified an older piece to make it his own, complete with meticulous crediting. Few realize that, besides being a singular creative force, Bill’s a serious scholar.

And we’ve saved the best for last: this is only Volume 1 of THE MENTAL MAGIC OF BILL MONTANA. You don’t have to be psychic to know what that means!

Copy by Gary Kriss

Mark Stevens: The discovery of Bill Montana’s works – for me – have been one of the most refreshing and inspirational works in mentalism. I hope they will do for you what the did for me, ignite the passion and provide fuel to practice his effects. The reward being some of strongest work I have performed. Bill opened my mind to a new world which empowered me to add completely different ingredients and routines. It also enable me to take chances! While some of them may not hit 100%, when sprinkled in with other effects – at worst they add for good seasoning. At best – you will provide your spectators a performance they will never forget. Setting yourself apart from the rest… If you are a performer interested in doing so – you will discover a means to achieving that worthy goal with any of Bill Montana’s works.

Note: Cover photo used for this book is in the Public Domain as it was registered prior to January 1,1923

“Hamatsa emerging from the woods-Koskimo” “Hamatsa shaman, three-quarter length portrait, seated on ground in front of tree, facing front, possessed by supernatural power after having spent several days in the woods as part of an initiation ritual.”

Original photo taken by Edward Curtis on November 13, 1914

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