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It appears that there are ‘many’ of you that like myself and Bill Montana, enjoy unique props such as these…  Bill has done a fantastic job of providing them to us, and The Missing Inch is yet another example.

Ad Copy: Bill Montana – This is a recreation of a very mysterious and classic effect. This new version is made from wood and was built to last a lifetime of use. This version of this classic effect comes from the workshop of Bill Montana. For this effect you will need a small tape measure not provided.

This item will appeal to those who teach math and science by using magic. Equally it will appeal to those magicians who like wood props and effects that are ‘away from the norm.’ It should also appeal to the collectors as well. The price point also is perfect.  While construction may appear to look easy – I assure you it’s not…


During my younger years while attending school, I was taught that the area of a rectangle is equal to its length. In figure one you will see the starting position for this effect. Note the pieces are brought forth and arranged in front of the spectators. A small tape measure is brought out and given to a person who is viewing the effect. This person is now asked to measure the area of this rectangle and they will discover that it measures 5” x 15” the area of which in inches is 65 inches.

Next the wood shapes are rearranged as in figure two. This time the square measures 64 inches and this is important since a single inch has vanished. Which is very strange indeed. It would seem that magicians cannot even let the laws of mathematics alone. The item is made from plywood, with felt back and stained and varnished by hand.

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