The Nightmare 3-2-1- Rope Trick – Nick Lewin

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The definitive DVD master class on the ultimate handling of this incredible routine. Every Professional Needs This Effect In Their Arsenal. Don’t leave home without it.
“The Nightmare 3-2-1 Rope Trick” is two classic effects combined into one performance masterpiece. Nick Lewin has crafted a sure fire routine that gets huge audience reaction with the minimum fuss and props. Perfect for stage or close-up performance, this routine is ideal for all ages, and is totally visual in impact.

The Nightmare 3-2-1- Rope Trick

The props fit in your pockets without a bulge, never need replacing, and reset in seconds. You will use this routine a lot. This meticulously detailed DVD teaches every move, subtlety and nuance of the routine, and will have you performing the effect in no time at all. Nick’s video tutorial on the classic Conway Rope Trick puts this outstanding effect easily in the grasp of everyone—even if previously written instructions have left you confused and frustrated. This double punch routine has a powerful place in Lewin’s professional repertoire, and will quickly become a staple in your show.

Strong Commercial Magic That Can Be Performed Any Time, Anywhere For ANY Audience!


  • Can Be Used For Stage, Parlour, or Close-up.
  • Highest quality, coreless, Baronian Rope made to measure, tested, and finished personally by Nick. “I’ve used the same set for 15 years,” says Nick.
  • Totally ready to go right out of the package.​
  • Comes with additional personal performing notes from Nick just for our Preferred Customers.
  • ​Includes Performance Footage (video).
  • ​Supplied Baronian Rope. The very finest rope available.
  • Every subtlety in the handling is fully explained and taught!

Hanno Rhomberg (Austria): “When I read the ad, I was a skeptic. What on earth can you tell about the 1-2-3 rope trick new? But as I know Nick and his professional routines with so many professional tips so I bought it. Five days later it arrived in Austria, and I am very happy with this order. Great. First, there are so many tips and details which make out of this puzzle a real illusion. Then the handling is explained very detailed and even the wonderful ending was – in my opinion – the first time explained on a video. So If you perform the nightmare already buy it! It’s a great routine from a master. We must not learn always new tricks, we should work on existing routines and perfect it. And this product from Nick Lewin can help you! –  My full recommendation.”

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