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From the creative mind of Leo Smetsers comes OFFICE, a classic stand up effect scaled down and modernized. The Pom-Pom stick has been a favorite with stand up magicians for many years. Images of Ali Bongo, Pete Biro, Paul Daniels and so many other magic royalty knew a good thing when they saw it.  A smart performer is always on the hunt for an effect that will serve as a gateway that allows either emotion to flow into their audience or something just as powerful – comedy.  The Pom-Pom stick is your ticket to ride so to speak to almost ensure with proper execution a ton of laughter and amusement from our audience.

What Leo has successfully accomplished in maintaining all the powerful impacts of the mechanics of this classic yet removing it from what would otherwise be considered today as a unusual looking item that screams – MAGIC PROP!  Everyone is on the hunt for propless magic or in this case magic that doesn’t look propish.  “The Office” delivers 100% on that objective.  Everything about screams “office supplies.”  That’s what we love about this item is it’s believability.  Seriously, there is not one person that will look at this item with suspicious thoughts.  I think in order to fully appreciate the nuances of this miracle of pocket magic you must sincerely spend some time appreciating the fact that Leo has not only provided a time-tested miracle of magic, but he has done so in a completely innocuous method.  Don’t make the mistake (as many people fall into this trap) of placing the value solely on the cost of the individual component parts. We are not dealing in commodities here my friends.  We are dealing in solid, commercially powerful entertainment that leaves spectators jaws dropped without so much anything unusual or that doesn’t feel or look right.

Another huge benefit is the portability of those products.  Most all previous Pom-Pom sticks where large.  With the exceptional of a very few, you couldn’t put them in your pocket easily.  Nor could they be easily transported. A crazy looking contraption defies logic. It’s fun and magical. OFFICE is a limited release as Leo painstakingly makes each unit by hand. Order your office today before they sell out!

While there are a number of different ways you can present this classic – I’m just thinking about how cool it would be to be booked by an office supply company and incorporating this effect into the show with sale pitch theme.  Or, just as Leo does, sit with a bunch of friends while you dump the contents out on a table and they witness you attaching this office trinkets here and there asking you – “what the heck are you doing?” You downplay it as you continue to assemble all the pieces and then explain to them how you experiences a most interesting phenomena the other day – one that you are going to try to replicate in front of them.  Go on with the patter, stating- then I attached this red paper clip to one end and a clasp to the other – just like this.  But I didn’t stop there – I knew I had to try to balance out the other side, so I attached tow other miscellaneous office supply pieces and just when I had all of them attached firm – something really strange happened. At this point you go into your routine.

We tested this product several time in local eateries and we even took one inside an office supply store and toyed with the worker behind the counter telling him we purchased this pen from his store along with these other office accessories and someone they ended up all being attached to the pen and look NOW what is happening to this pen?

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