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After years of engineering, testing, research and development, Jean Xueref has made what today may be the best gimmick that makes invisible thread an exceptional invention for all magicians.

The ultimate device for performing with invisible thread, for animation, levitation or floating of objects available exclusively at Stevens Magic.  Now you can perform these mind blowing visual effects no more fears of losing loops or snagging that comes with a reel.  Are you already performing I.T. effects?  If so welcome to a breakthrough in I.T. Technology. Put it on to start the day and you are locked, loaded and always ready to perform. You will always be ready to perform miracles – even in short sleeves! Forget about fumbling or set up time. No clothing or body restrictions.

The magic of invisible threads is one of the most beautiful that exists because the applications are very diverse: levitation, telekinesis, impossible suspension, bizarre and spiritualistic magic, creation of special effects …

With this new bracelet and with the new techniques taught by Jean Xueref, working with the invisible thread has never been so easy and reliable. The magnetic cover closure system that protects the coil is super easy to open and close. The bracelet has a magnetic clasp, allowing you to easily attach and remove it. The wax pellet is no longer “free”, with the risk of tearing off at the last moment. A small relief with two notches on the bracelet, allows you to stick the wax ball without risking losing it in one movement before working. The power switch activates with the pulp of a finger with ease. The motor used is absolutely fabulous: no excessive traction with the risk of prematurely breaking while working, the automatic winding of the wire takes place with perfectly controlled traction. It’s pure bliss! Best of all, you can use the yarn of your choice on the spool provided.

Use It Anywhere Anytime Without Any Prior Preparation!

This amazing thread reel unit contains bracelet, two spools each 12 meters of thread. One extension for sizing, two decorative stickers in metal from 3M, one USB cable (for charging) and a QR code providing access to instructional videos and routines. This will become your go to magic weapon of choice and the beauty of it all – you won’t even be consciously aware you have it on until you need it!   One Universal size.

Do not miss, which for us represents a giant step in the invisible thread, The Phantom Hand

You receive:

  • A patented Phantom Hand
  • A USB cable to charge it
  • Personalization stickers
  • A replacement invisible spool of thread
  • New routines explained by Jean Xueref

Comes with a one-year manufactures warranty. If desired will work a continuous 45 minutes – though of course that is not something one would do.  Charging time is only 15 minutes. On the rare occasion when it does break – you can repair it within 10-15 seconds.

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