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Possibly the most comprehensive work released by Richard Webster.  105 pages of rock solid content.  6 X 9 Softback – Published by none other than Brookfield Press.  At any price this is coveted material.  Over 50 years of Richard’s personal experience in contained in this book.

THE PSYCHIC READER’S TOOLBOX: This book is for people who have done some readings, but want to become better at it. The first part covers “the impossible dream,” which is the ability to look at strangers and instantly give them a reading. I’ve yet to find anyone who can do it, but include some techniques to help you replicate this. Part Two is called “Becoming a Psychic Reader,” and includes a variety of ideas that my clients have found useful. Part Three teaches you how to tell people what day of the week their birthday is on. If you’ve ever wanted to be a rain man, this simple method will appeal. Part Four teaches you how to give Akashic Record readings and interpret your clients’ dreams. Part Five is called “How to Become the Best Reader in Your Area,” and includes advice on how to take your reading career as far as you want it to go. Part Six is on how to produce and sell pitch books to enhance your career, gain recognition and credibility, and make money. Part Seven is “The Mentalist’s Cash Register” and lists more than 40 ways to make money in the mentalism field.


I’ve written this book for people who have learned at least some of the art, have done readings for others, and want to become better at it. Consequently, it’s aimed at amateur, semi-professional, and professional readers. Some of the best readings I’ve ever had were given by people who do readings as a hobby, and have no intention of making a career from it. They enjoy entertaining and helping others through their skills as a reader.

Over the years, I’ve helped many people become fulltime or part-time psychic readers. Some have specialized in providing entertainment readings at parties and other events, others have become fulltime readers, helping their clients handle difficult times in their lives, and many have used their reading skills to enhance their mentalism performances. No matter what your goals as a reader may be, I hope you’ll find something of interest in this book.

Part One covers what I call The Impossible Dream. This is the ability to look at strangers and instantly tell them all about themselves. I’ve heard numerous magicians talk about this, but can’t recall ever discussing this with a serious psychic. Whether or not you believe this is possible, I hope you’ll read this section, as the temperaments and body language are useful skills for psychic readers.

Part Two is called Becoming a Psychic Reader, and includes a variety of ideas that have been useful to me in my career. These ideas will help your clients, and may even help you personally. I recently had a phone conversation with a fellow psychic entertainer who wanted to tell me how helpful he’d found the baggage release exercise. Even if you don’t try anything else, please try being a pronoic for at least a week.

Part Three is a short section on how to tell people what day of the week their birthday falls on. This has nothing to do with psychic reading, but when you’re doing numerology, astrology, or any other system that involves the person’s date of birth, it demonstrates your skill and expertise. In some people’s eyes, it will make you a rain man!

Part Four is called And Now for Something Different. This contains information on how to do Akashic record readings and dream interpretations. I haven’t published these in book form before, though I have taught them in some of my workshops over the years. Both are popular, yet few readers offer them. I’ve also included the handout I use when teaching playing card divination. Although I’ve done full-length readings with playing cards, I prefer to give people quick readings with them in casual situations. I also regularly use the interpretations of the cards when performing magic and mentalism.

Part Five is on How to Become the Best Reader in Your Area, and—if you’re really ambitious—how to take it further and become one of the best readers in your country—or even the world.

Part Six is on Pitch Books. These are short booklets that you can sell or give away after your shows, readings, and demonstrations. I include 25 additional ways to sell them, to help you gain credibility and recognition—and to make additional money.

Part Seven is a listing of more than 40 ways to make money in the mentalism field. I call it The Mentalist’s Cash Register. Although I discuss these in depth in my lectures and workshops, they’re simply listed here, as I’ve already covered the material in my other books for the trade.

It’s taken me half a century to learn the information in this book. I hope you’ll find something here that will help you become a highly successful reader in your market.

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