The Rice Canisters – Michael Baker


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The Rice or Confetti Canisters is an apparatus is a variation of a U.F. Grant effect commonly knows as The Chink Cans.  The effect is that two canisters are shown empty… One of them is filled to the brim with rice (or confetti, if desired).  The two canisters are placed “mouth to mouth” and when separated, the rice has doubled in quantity.  The rice is then leveled off and the mouth of that canister is covered with a square of paper, drumhead-style.  When the paper is broken, a very large production of silks is made.

The apparatus is entirely self-contained, and best of all, it is easy to perform!  All the beauty of the Rice Bowls, with without having to use water.  This is one of a special edition set, crafted by Michael Baker.

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