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Theory 11. In November of 2006, Homer Liwag released a DVD that would forever change the standard of magic videos. It was called CoinONE, and it set the bar, pushed the envelope, and earned critical praise. MAGIC Magazine called it “magical… a work of art.”

Today, we raise the bar with Homer’s third release, The Rice Papers. Homer presents three of his favorite original creations on one DVD. Complete with clear performances, concise face-to-face teaching, and carefully directed camera work for an unparalleled learning experience.

A giant contact lens materializes at your fingertips – followed by a pair of eyeglasses from nowhere. A selected playing card slowly appears on a blank card. A marker is extracted from its own cap, a ball bearing drops from the tip, and the marker transforms into your cell phone!

This is Magic that can happen with any object at any time. Every prop needed to perform these tricks can be easily made / found. Complete with easy to watch performances, clear face to face teaching, and carefully directed camera work and lighting for an unparalleled learning experience.

For those who already own The Rice Papers lecture notes, new methods and extra ideas are taught on this DVD – along with bonus features containing behind the scenes footage and outtake reels. Knowledge of basic sleight-of-hand is recommended.


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