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The Sacred Tea of the Emperors (aka Okito’s Gobi Bowl Redux). Another in a series of effects by George Ledo paying homage to Okito, The Sacred Tea is an updated version of Theo Bamberg’s original Gobi Bowl (confetti to water) trick, presented in a traditional Japanese style. The magician shows a small package wrapped in a blue furoshiki or wrapping cloth. Upon opening it, we see a small tansu, or traditional Japanese chest. The chest is opened and a ceramic bowl, which is seen to almost fill the box, is removed and shown empty.

The magician then reaches in the box and removes handfuls of loose tea, which are poured into the bowl, filling it. The bowl is then placed on the table and a small cloth draped over it. A moment later the cloth is removed and the bowl is now full of water.

Although the method and handling are similar to Okito’s Gobi Bowl, this version is an improvement on the original in that the bowl starts out inside the box, which appears to be just large enough for the bowl and the tea. The chest is 8.5 inch square by 6 inches high and finished in an antique mahogany stain with metal hardware. Also included are two 6 inch bowls, the custom-made furoshiki, the small cloth, and the gimmicks, plus illustrated instructions.

You provide the loose tea and a bowl to pour the water into at the end. Like many effects from a previous era, this one will require some practice to master, but the effect on the audience will be well worth it. The Sacred Tea Of The Emperors is available in a limited edition of 12—each one signed and numbered.

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