The Saturn – Pendulus (SME) Exclusive


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Recently reproduced by Stevens Magic, The Saturn Sphere (Pendulus) is a manipulators dream, a unique piece of apparatus that conveys “I am different and unique!” While it could be incorporated in many ways, in any act – it certaintly would provide that “finishing touch” to an artistic, manipulators routine.

The Saturn Pendulus is for those that enjoy the classic’s of magic and anyone else that wants to simulate bold color changes in their act.

While the mechanism and mechanics are simple – like many things “workers” use in their performances – this prop is all about creativity and routine.

Effect: The performer holds up a decorative and elaborate handle, something you would expect to see in a court jester’s bag, and the top of which houses a two-inch bright blue ball!

The performer then takes his hand and covers the blue ball for a second, and when he removes his hand the ball has changed to a brilliant orange color!  Of course, this can be repeated as desired.

· No shells are used.
· No skill is required

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