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Matt Pulsar has done a phenomenal job extracting selected works from Neil Scryer and bringing them into the visual medium.  There was a groundswell of anticipation and overwhelming requests as to when this project would launch, to the point where we decided to move forward a bit prematurely due to the high demand.  Look for future volumes to possibly be delivered to you via alternative technologies but, for now, we at Stevens Magic Emporium are honored and excited to present – The Scryer Files. You will receive an invitation to access this material post-purchase, usually within 24 hours.

“I like the way Matt is bringing Neal’s work from the book to reality” – Lior Manor

“This is a fantastic series and Matt is a great teacher! Well done guys!”Luca Volpe

The Scryer Files is a video series covering select routines, effects, and concepts from the mind of Neal Scryer. Matt Pulsar presents and explains the work in great detail, adding his own handling notes and performance-tested variations. The material covered is designed for mentalists, psychic entertainers and readers. Generally, Scryer material is clear and direct, using the easiest handling to get the cleanest experience.

Volume One covers Scryer’s take on the classic Living and Dead test. Pulsar teaches the method from the Practical Psychics Little Black Book along with his own handling and variations he has found in using Scryer’s method. Pulsar also gives an in-depth tutorial on teaching your spectator to use a pendulum and covers a few bonus routines and ideas.

The Scryer Files is a passion project from two mentalists who believe in the true power of the human spirit.


“OK, I’m a tad biased when it comes to Neil Scryer and Matt Pulsar. Both are members of my inner creative circle. They are constant sources of inspiration and are genius in creating top flight professional material. Anyone seriously interested in the art of Mentalism MUST view “The Scryer Files”. Real Deal, Real World, Real Good, my highest recommendation.” –  Jon Stetson

“Matt offers a powerful routine and several golden ideas that you can use to explore our mysterious world with a willing participant. He clearly knows how to engage someone in a esoteric conversation using thoughts and a pendulum. Im happy that those who are interested in the power of Scryer´s work will have an opportunity to watch his ideas in live performance, from a great interpreter such as Matt Pulsar” Pablo Amira

“What I’ve seen here was nothing short of marvelous and it needs mentioning because if you’ve ever been curious, this video production will likely get you hooked on the wonderfully elegant thinking of Neal Scryer. The material is delivered with perfect sensitivity and caring and Matt does such a wonderful job of presenting and discussing it all with the respect and dignity that the subject matter deserves. If you’ve ever wanted to make the leap into believable psychic entertainment, you couldn’t ask for a better resource. The Scryer Files covers everything from how to easily give quick, simple, and effective readings to Pendulum routines and much, much, more. But even more importantly, the proper mindset and attitude for this type of work is also beautifully illustrated and conveyed. Neal Scryer is a master of the ‘psychic entertainment’ business and it shows in the material featured here. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the entire project, but I did see about an hour’s worth of the content and it was more than enough to know what a treat this will be when it’s finished.

“Now, it should go without saying, but if you’re looking for quick and ‘cool’ tricks – this won’t be for you. But if you’re interested in this area of Mentalism or simply want to get a good feel for Neal Scryer’s work, this is a treasure trove of real-world routines and information. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, I’m sure you’re going to find much of value in what is being offered here.“ Sudo Nimh

“Many would take note of the reputation of Neil Scryers creativity, but add Matt, who moves in similar circles into the mix and you know you’ve a sure fire project to get your hands on …  and just look at the other reviews!  Both Neil and Matt are performers who care about the spectator and human experience – and where the outcome is never about the performer. Forget your tricks  – this is real world work, packed full of insight and the type of presentation nuances that any discerning performer should study. Highly recommend this.” – Steve Drury

“Solid content with great production value, this is a treasure trove for the modern day mystery performer from the brilliant minds of Neil Scryer and Matt Pulsar. Highly recommended!”Ning Cai, Mind Magic Mistress (formerly Magic Babe Ning)

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