The Scryer Files Volume 3 – Matt Pulsar – 12 Roses – Meeting Richard Webster – DOWNLOAD


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Matt Pulsar is BACK!  The amount of work, energy and effort he puts in the Scryer Files, blows his colleagues away.  Ask Steve Drury who contacted me to ask when Vol. 3 would be available – becuase he wanted it!   Leave it to Steve to know what’s coming out before it does!

“Fantastically Fragrant, Full of Mystery and Intimacy! Scryer, Webster and Matt Pulsar are a Bouquet to be breathed in with contemplation…Sweetness! My highest recommendation, many Gems to be discovered in this Treasure.” Paul Kozak

Included in this Volume is a one-on-one with none other than Richard Webster.  When was the last time you saw Richard Webster (if at all) featured on a video feed? I’m going back to Flora videos, and thats easily 40 years ago.  Richard Webster is unquestionably one of the most successful authors both in mainstream and the discret world of mentalism. One year he actually built a Christmas tree using only one each of his publications but had to quit for fear the floor would cave in at his house!  Just like the previous Scryer Files, they are available at a phenomenal price relative to the content available.  If you’re looking for BANG for your BUCK, EURO, POUND, Etc., you will get it with The Scryer Files – Pulsar Vol. 3!


  • Introduction
  • 23 Roses
  • Kodama Pad Explained
  • Meeting Richard Webster
  • Joke Memory
  • The Power of Touch
  • On Giving Readings
  • Stage Shows
  • On Hot Reading
  • Crumpled Up Paper Readings
  • Flower Reading and Other Styles
  • The Battery Test
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Final Words

BONUS:     Rubik’s Readings

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