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The modern follow up to the book that set the standard – AstroStar!  I remember when Ted Lesley was here with us in Wichita, along with Bill Palmer.  At that time Astro Star had come out and Ted realized the genius of having such a tool that in no way appeared to be a suspicious prop.   The Secret of Your Birthday is the same approach in a more portable version.

A spectator is chosen by other members of the audience. You give this person a horoscope book; one which looks to all concerned like a normal book that can be bought in any bookstore. You ask him to look up his own zodiac in the book, while remaining some distance away from him. You don’t have to see whether the spectator has turned to the front of the book, or to the back. In order to see if the predictions in the book are accurate the spectator quietly reads a little from one of the three categories of life on her page. He doesn’t tell you which category he reads about, and says absolutely nothing about it’s content.  At this point in the performance the audience, including the person reading the book, will swear that you have been given no information. Despite this, you will be able to determine exactly what the spectator’s sign is. Amazing, isn’t it?! The audience will think you are a talented astrologist or even a prophet.

Oh, and buy the way, you will even be able to determine the correct week in which the spectator has his birthday. If a doctor is in the audience, and only then, you can even go as far as determining the person’s exact date of birth!
With Astrostar as with “The Secret of Your Birthday,” you will be able to present an effect that was impossible up until now.

  • No Pre-Show Work.
  • No Pumping Sequences.
  • The Spectator doesn’t have to write anything down.
  •  Nevertheless you will inexplicably be able to determine the correct birth date of a stranger!
  • You don’t have to hide anything. This trick is usable in any imaginable situation.

In the right hands what could be a more powerful tool?

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