The Seer’s Gift – Metal Writing


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Since the Eye of Odin was created in 2012 there have been a repeated wish for a method to hand out the amulet as a gift. Now, four years later the method have been developed. Still the engraving is made by the same principle as the other MetalWriting object, but there is a new touch that make it possible to hand out the amulet – or not, if you prefer that situation instead. The Seer’s gift is suited for a more personal experience for the spectator. Any name or word, can be engraved in the amulet with no need of assistants or time delays.

The Seer’s gift are available in various versions. The complete starter set contains everything you need to learn and perform the effect. If you already own a MetalWriting product like Engraved or the Pocket watch you need the Instruction package, which upgrades your reset equipment and knowledge.

Please note that you also need a butane refill and a tube of clear contact glue, which are not included.

Complete starter set contains

  • 10 Seer’s gift amulets
  • 1 Gimmicked pad
  • 1 extra neodymium magnet for converting your own pad
  • 1 engraving pencil
  • 1 set of reset equipment
  • Instructions
  • The MetalWriting secret

Instruction set contains

  • 1 Seer’s gift amulet
  • 1 25mm (shy of 1″) sized holder
  • Instructions

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