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When I first saw this, I immediately recognized this technique that Finn Jon produced many years ago.  It’s simple and effective and therefore, especially at this price a great value. Make a nail writer like no other! With the same amount of ink of a regular pen! Peace of mind with knowing how much ink is left! Never be caught with a swami writer that doesn’t work! This is the hard copy booklet that is delivered to you which contains the construction guide in photographic detail as to how to construct an ink swami AND replacement ink wells.

This is a 9 page instructional printed on quality glossy paper, with color images that show you “step-by-step” the process for creating this tool.

All this with no special tools or hard to find parts.  While this product with the THUMB Tip sold for $16.50, due to the different sizes in thumb tips, we have decided to sell the 9 page booklet independently at a reduced cost.  Maybe you already have several thumb tips at home? Or if you don’t you can purchase one here – see below for various sizes.


Thomas Baxter: Author of The Nailwriter Anthology your Snake Charmer idea is a big step forward in the design for fingertip ink writers. Easy to make, easy to find the parts — very clever thinking!

Paul Carnazzo…it really is the perfected ink writer. Walter has solved the problems associated with ink writers, and has put together an easy to follow construction guide.

Gerard Grey – This is very much a revolution in swami technology 🙂 My first working model, that I put together quickly to test the concept, was pretty effective: my second one, more painstakingly made, is ergonomically and practically ideal. It looks like it is going to oust the Super Sharpie as my gimmick of choice…

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