The Spirit Box by Michael Baker – Nelson Estate


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The Spirit Box. The eyeball mysteriously travels into the glass. Is it the work of spirits… or just a wandering eye?!? Bwahahaha!!!

An eyeball and a glass placed separately into a cabinet mysteriously come together as the eyeball is momentarily found resting INSIDE the glass! This can happen in the spectator’s possession, and all may be immediately examined.

This is perfect for Halloween, but designed to not be specifically for Halloween, so it can be used any time you want a great spirit manifestation in your show!

Overall size approximately 10.5″x11.75″x4″. Great spooky, vintage images adorn the box. Spider web-like design inside.

Comes with full instructions and everything you need.

This finely crafted piece is sturdy and functional for your show, but beautiful enough to be a showpiece among your finest collectibles!

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